21 acts of kindness to do this Christmas

Hello everyone! I missed 3 days of blog posts due to my schoolwork, but today it is Sunday, so I'm just going to relax and hang out with my friends! Today it's Blogmas day 16. We are so close to Christmas🎄 We've been taught as children that we should always help our fellow-man, especially this … Continue reading 21 acts of kindness to do this Christmas

Christmas Q&A

Hello everyone! I hope you are all doing well! I am tired of all the tests at school and I need Christmas holidays now😩 Anyways! It's blogmas day 12 and today I decided to do a Christmas Q&A! A while ago I asked you on Instagram to leave questions for the Q&A. So here I … Continue reading Christmas Q&A

15 Facts You Didn’t Know About “Home Alone”

The "teenage girl online" blog presents ... *drumroll* ... 15 facts about the movie "Home Alone" that you probably didn't know! Home Alone, the classic. The christmas movie that is every year on the TV😂 The one that we have all watched a hundred times without getting bored! And by the way hello everyone! I hope … Continue reading 15 Facts You Didn’t Know About “Home Alone”

Christmas homewear haul

•Blogmas day 8• Hello everyone! I hope you are doing great❤️ Unfortunately, I didn't post yesterday as I was a bit busy, but I'm here now! A while ago I went for Christmas shopping with my friend and I got Christmas decorations and ornaments, so I decided to show you what I bought. Let's get … Continue reading Christmas homewear haul

9 Christmas movies you should watch

Ho ho ho! No? Ok. Hello everyone! I hope you are all doing great! I just got back from my karate lesson and ate dinner, so I decided to settle down to writing. This week has been tiring, as we had so many tests! Anyways! It's blogmas day 6✨ During holidays I like to curl … Continue reading 9 Christmas movies you should watch

What I love about Christmas

Hello everyone! Three posts in a row... wow! I'm actually impressed😂 Another Christmas post for you today! I decided to share with you the reasons why I love Christmas! By the way, tell me in the comment section below if you are doing blogmas this year. I would love to read your Christmas posts! Now … Continue reading What I love about Christmas

111 Christmas gift ideas

Hello lovelies! Since it's officially December, I decided to do blogmas this year! I don't know if I'll be able to post everyday, due to my schoolwork, but I'll try my best. Christmas is not about the presents you receive, it's about your loved ones. However, the practice of exchanging gifts with your family and … Continue reading 111 Christmas gift ideas

My September Bujo

Hello guys! A month ago I started a bullet journal and I love it! It makes everything easier and it's a great way to stay organized especially during the school season! So, today I decided to show you my September Bullet Journal. I tried a fall theme. It's not that bad, but I'll do better next … Continue reading My September Bujo